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See your community in a whole new light


Amerlux, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Electronics, has been a catalyst for change in the lighting industry since 1984—simply by listening to the marketplace.

We don’t keep up with industry trends. We set them.

We believe lighting is as much about “feeling” as it is about “seeing.” Our solutions deliver the five elements that exceed today’s expectations: rich color, next-level comfort, total control, easy configurability and “capture” to provide added security.

Our clients’ business is our business, their reputation, our reputation, and their bright future, our own.

Transform how you illuminate and interact with your community. 

Turn heads with superior architectural luminaire style. Lower expenses and enhance safety with smart street lighting solutions.

Gain unparalleled lighting control without any cable installation, underground trenching or wire maintenance. Ideal for new construction or retrofit installations.

Breathe life into your downtown, main street, village or campus with a fresh, energized streetscape experience today.

Get SmartSite

SmartSite luminaires offer municipalities and facilities a more intelligent way to save energy, gain efficiencies and increase safety

Smart City Lighting

Make your lampposts the foundation of your smart site

The hallmark of SmartSite is its unmatched connectivity. Networks of sensors connect to each other and to controls—which could be your phone—to provide the data you need in real-time to optimize your facility for a variety of purposes, including:

Lighting for safety and comfort
Gain unprecedented command over your lighting with wireless controls, automatic dimming based on occupancy or ambient light levels, monitoring for faults and constant GPS. Increase your situational awareness and decision-making with a whole new view of your city.

Keeping an eye on what matters most
Protect your community, increase its safety and shine a monitoring light on every aspect of your smart facility with intelligent video and security cameras mounted right on your lampposts, as well as integrated motion sensing to fine-tune the control system.

Shining brighter with less energy
Increase citizen satisfaction by monitoring for instant outages and on-the-horizon issues before they happen with utility-grade energy metering and reporting. Experience a sharp reduction in energy costs beyond the savings of the LEDs alone. Decrease recurring maintenance costs with longer-lasting product life.

Increasing civic awareness
Enhance public safety as well as real-time response and security and communications with improved lighting in economic, timely means.

Grouping to enhance controllability 
Manage and control your streetlights by combining multiple lights into one entity, then change the entire group with a single on/off/dim command via a single sensor. Improve operational efficiency by allowing different level of access to control and various monitoring functions.

Illuminating the way forward
Futureproof your facility investment and keep it up to date 24/7 with automatic, over-the-air upgrades. No special servers or expensive hardware upgrades are required.

Get your community connected, safe and smart today. 

Bring smart city technology to your site—in a SNAP

Reminiscent of when phones became “smarter” with apps, Amerlux is designing smart city lighting products that leverage existing circuit boards in LEDs to become compatible with various sensors that drastically change the utility of LED street lighting.

And it’s using 
Synapse’s SimplySNAP easily adaptable mesh platform to do it.

The SmartSite family of luminaires packages SimplySNAP’s smart city capabilities to optimize a dependable, simple-to-use lighting system that enhances energy efficiency, optimizes ROI and complies with changing industry regulatory trends.

Comprised of software and hardware components, SimplySNAP includes:

•    Remote lighting control where internet is not available or preferred
•    Future-proof system components
•    AES encryption
•    Centralized management and response
•    Cloud/hosted environments
•    Luminaire-level control for thousands of lights
•    Integration with new construction and retrofit installations

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows for easy future expansion and additional capabilities, Synapse is the ideal lighting solution for various applications—parking lots, sporting arenas, warehouses, college campuses and city streetlamps included.

Create a wireless hub with a few extra “pins”

SmartSite’s 7-pin NEMA socket can single-handedly transform any lamppost into a smart city infrastructure device that connects to larger municipal networks and ultimately accesses a new world of cutting-edge sensors.

The 7-pin socket is backward compatible with older 3-pin plug sensors for maximum utility, but the real magic is in what that the 7-pin socket enables: the extra pins in the receptacle allow for:

•    Wireless communication
•    Occupancy sensing
•    Power monitoring
•    Video security
•    Remote lighting adjustments to ensure output matches need

The 7-pin socket is the foundation your smart facility lighting plugs into. Lay the groundwork for your future smart facility by purchasing smart city LED lighting with the 7-pin option.

Buying this option up will front will save hundreds of thousands of dollars per pole in additional retrofitting costs later.

Future-proof your city lighting fixtures without buying new ones. Make them compatible with the controls of today and tomorrow—and reduces unnecessary costs further down the road.

Develop up your smart city at reduced long-term costs today.

More than just incredibly efficient pedestrian and area LED lighting, the SmartSite family of connected luminaires pairs striking post top designs with a robust, bidirectional, area-wide, wireless control system—turning basic street lighting into smart city lighting for any site.

Powered by Synapse and the SimplySnap control platform, SmartSite is highly secure, reliable and flexible, utilizing a wireless mesh network to connect the system’s microprocessors to a Cloud-based or on-site network.

There, everything—your city’s look and feel, street lighting, energy usage, security and video—is in your control, remotely, in real-time, 24/7.

No cable installation, underground trenching or wire maintenance needed.

Perfect for new construction or retrofit installations.

Modernize how you illuminate and interact with your community.

Turn heads with architectural luminaire style.

Rejuvenate your historic infrastructure.

Reduce costs. Increase safety.

Breathe life back into your downtown, main street, village or campus with a new, stimulating, energetic streetscape experience today.

Contact your intelligent lighting sales rep now.

SimplySNAP On-Site Controller

The SmartSite luminaires use one of two devices to connect wirelessly to the control system. The following show which luminaires utilize the integral controller SSINT-1 and those that use a 7-Pin receptacle to install a SS7P-1 twist locck controller.


DALI-2/ DIM to OFF Wireless
Lighting Controller

Luminaires that can be configured with an Internal wireless node SSINT-1

See Spec Sheet

CG Series

ASR26 Series

AO25 Series


Twist Lock Lighting Controller

Luminaires that have an internally mounted 7-Pin receptacle to allow the SS7P-1 node to be installed.

Luminaires that have an external 7-Pin Receptacle on top of the fixture (in place of the finial).

See Spec Sheet

ARP23 Series

ARP23 Series

CG Series


D720 Series


SmartSite OverviewSee Spec SheetSmartSite Brochure

Site Controller in Weatherproof Enclosure

See Spec Sheet