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Quentin Thomas

President of Quentin Thomas Associates

Amerlux takes tremendous care to develop their product line so the glare is minimized. Other manufacturers offer a 1.5” linear product, but they aren’t as bright, or they are glary.

It was important for us to work with the right quality and balance of lighting. We wanted visitors to experience these never-before-seen drawings and models from a new perspective.

Bevin Savage Yamazak

Senior associate at Gensler, architecture firm and sponsor of the “Never Built New York” exhibit

We fell in love with Amerlux products a long time ago. They are ground-breaking for size and performance.

Keith Yancey

Principal at Lam Partners

Discover the Power of Color Quality

Lighting for color quality will elevate your projects, the same way seeing a mountain in person is more powerful than seeing a photo. Learn best practices so your designs shine.

Learn How to Use 100 CRI Lighting

Master 101 uses for 100 CRI, from retail to hospitality to commercial office, so your designs will always be in the limelight.

How far would you go

for lighting innovation?

From introducing the world's first 100 CRI LED that matches the sun's perfect light quality to power over ethernet (PoE) for controlling smart buildings to easily configurable track lighting systems, inventive solutions are where it all begins. The mission is simple: provide both customized and specification-grade lighting solutions that help architects and lighting designers choose the perfect lighting options for every project—while always maintaining the initial vision and integrity of the design.

Schedule a personal demo and see 100 CRI LEDs and other innovations come to light at our New Jersey showroom. Transportation and lunch are provided, compliments of Amerlux.

Six Applications in One Space

View lighting solutions in real application settings—our showroom has retail, office and hospitality spaces so you can judge all the fine points, such as beam distribution, with your own eyes.

Have a Project to Spec Out?

Talk with the experts about your upcoming projects and lighting obstacles. From controls to custom solutions let’s talk details and how we can make your projects come to light.

About Amerlux

We’ve grown to become one of the largest independently owned lighting companies in the world by focusing on performance, flexibility, energy efficiency, longevity, easy maintenance, and sustainability. 

We consistently deliver in a fraction of the time of our competitors and strive to make certain that every order is accurate, every product performs flawlessly, and every customer receives accurate information and knowledgeable support throughout the entire process. Overall, we pride ourselves on helping our customers succeed. As an independent company, we're ideally positioned to do just that.