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Game-changing linear LED fixtures designed for easy installation and beautiful ambient lighting for offices, classrooms, retail spaces and more.

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About Amerlux

Amerlux, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Electronics, has been a catalyst for change in the lighting industry since 1984—simply by listening to the marketplace.

We don’t keep up with industry trends. We set them.

We believe lighting is as much about “feeling” as it is about “seeing.” Our solutions deliver the five elements that exceed today’s expectations: rich color, next-level comfort, total control, easy configurability and “capture” to provide added security.

Our clients’ business is our business, their reputation, our reputation, and their bright future, our own.

Linear LED Fixture

Quick-Line currently offers linear LED fixtures with direct and a direct / indirect combo light distribution options.

Our no-hassle installation process goes like an advertising jingle: Link it, latch it, cap it. No more having to remove the LED board or lens to write or install.

Easy Installation

Quick-Line comes in 4-, 6-, and 8-foot lengths and sections that easily clip together for longer-than-standard-size runs.

Multiple Sizes

Quick-Line is constructed from spec-grade extruded aluminum, ensuring architecturally straight
lines of light.

Quick Shipping

Quick-Line ships in as little as five business days so you can keep your projects moving quickly.

High Output

Quick-Line offers a high light output of 730 lumens per foot and 105 lumens per watt. It comes in 3000K to 3500K light temperatures.

Straight Lines

Quick-Line Product Highlights

Amerlux Family of Products

Avista® Pedestrian Street Lighting

Avista mimics a traditional New England-style globe or “acorn,” using LEDs to tastefully match or retrofit lighting styles prevalent in the northeastern U.S. on campuses at universities, corporations, private communities and municipalities. Avista is available in new fixtures provided by Amerlux and as retrofit of old light sources for many decorative fixtures in the marketplace. 

SPEQ® Track Lighting

SPEQ is a high-end LED track lighting solution that delivers premium lighting that dramatically reduces energy consumption without sacrificing quality or performance. SPEQ is designed for indoor applications, such as retail, galleries and commercial.

GRUV® Linear Lighting

Grüv 1.5" LED family is an indoor recessed linear lighting solution for commercial and retail applications. Grüv features the industry’s most intelligent and advanced lighting sensors controls, which is supported by a state-of-the-art analytics platform.

Passo® Step Lighting

Passo step lights provide landscape and hardscape architects, lighting designers and facility managers with an aesthetic detail that adds beauty while providing safety and security features indoors and outdoors. The luminaire is typically used for steps, staircases and in walls to light walkways and add aesthetics to building facades.

Chaperone® Garage Lighting

Chaperone lights create a more inviting environment that makes commercial garages feel safer and more secure. The product uses an upward facing LED board and reflector to cast light softly toward the ground, while sending a small amount of light upward to light the ceiling to eliminate the cave effect of many garage lighting systems.


With indirect/direct illumination and state-of-the-art anidolic optics, the Aerus lighting solution creates an environment for more comfort and productivity in commercial and institutional settings. Essentially eliminating glare, the thin-profile solution leverages low voltage, aircraft cable that supplies power to the fixture.

Save time and money with Quick-Line LED Lighting.

Easy to layout in your design, easy to order—and even easier to install, right out of the box.

Say hello to Amerlux’s Quick-Line LED pendant, which stiff-arms the challenges lighting designers, architects and design-build contractors commonly have with linear pendant lighting.

Outfitted with a high-performance lens and direct/indirect lighting distribution options, Quick-Line pendants offer value pricing, high performance/spec-grade quality lighting right off the shelf-out the door and off to your job site in as little as five business days.

Whether your project is a high-end commercial building or just the average-Joe office space, Quick-Line delivers superior performance and turn-your-head styling, resulting in any application looking like a million bucks.

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Quick-Line Pendant 1.5

Performance-grade pendants: 

High quality, low cost, quick delivery. You used to have to pick two of the three.

Not anymore.

Quick-Line Linea 1.5″ changed that, giftwrapping all three into a single linear product. Today, architects, design-build firms and contractors can get spec-grade-quality linear lighting without the usual spec-grade wait and costs.

Distributors don't have to stock, ships in as little as 5 business days and installs out of the box.

Direct Pendant 

Direct/Indirect Pendant 



Quick-Line Recessed 4

Sent fast to the job site fast—saving contractors, design-build firms and architects time and money—Quick-Line Recessed is an industry-best, architectural-grade LED fixture that harmonizes with your design and fills the space with beautiful light.

It also delivers on the promise of speed, low cost and high quality while adding another option: a 4-inch aperture. 

Quick-Line Pendant 2

Linea Family with Accents


New Spec-Grade Lighting—Without The Old Spec-Grade Wait and Cost

Get better lighting at a better cost, with a lead time that cannot be beaten: No lead time.

With a slightly larger, 2-inch aperture, this just-released Quick-Line sequel offers a wider distribution of light but keeps the original’s smooth, stress-free “link-it, latch-it, cap-it” installation and patented, industry-best block shields.

Quick-Line 2 offers value pricing, spec-grade quality lighting right off the shelf, just like 1.5”—but at a lower price and equally fast shipping, off to your job site in as little as five business days.

Specifically designed to fit the tight budget and quick-turnaround delivery requirements of any project, Quick-Line 2” ensures your timelines and budget never get in the way of casting your design in its best, star-studded light.

Elevate your design-build project and make deadline and budget with Quick-Line 2” lighting today! 

Direct Pendant 

Direct/Indirect Pendant 



Streamlined and flexible, Amerlux’s Linea LED pendants offer unparalleled design options that create truly dynamic spaces with elegance and beauty, all while delivering the right amount of lighting as well as the best energy and maintenance savings for rapid ROI.

The Linea 1.5” Direct distribution with integrated adjustable accents offers cable-suspension or surface-direct installation.

Linea 2.5“ Direct with adjustable accents and the Linea 2.5“ Direct/Indirect with integrated adjustable accents provide flush-mount or surface-mount options.

Pendant-mounted for spaces with or without ceilings, Linea supplies linear run lengths for general lighting over desks and conference tables or individual standard lengths over a reception area.

It also provides warm and cool light in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K.

Direct Pendant 

Linea 1.5 with Accents

Linea 2.5 with Accents

Linea 1.5 Spec SheetLinea 1.5 w/accents Spec SheetLinea 2.5 Spec SheetLinea 2.5 w/Accents Spec SheetFlanged Spec SheetGrid Spec SheetDirect Spec SheetDirect/Indirect Spec SheetDirect/Indirect Spec SheetDirect Spec Sheet

Featured Products

Quick-Line Pendant 1.5Quick-Line Pendant 2Quick-Line Recessed 4Linea Family of Products

Product Spotlight

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Make contractors love you, not call you back.

Ready to make linear lighting the easiest part of your building projects? Quick-Line is one of the finest lighting products ever made with its excellent light quality, long operating life and exceptionally easy installation process—and now it’s available at a competitive price and in various models.

Learn how Amerlux linear lighting covers all lighting needs—recessed, pendent, direct and indirect—and reduces time-killing callbacks and installations today.

No More Light Leaks

Quick-Line eliminates light leaks with our industry-best light block shields at each joint and on the end caps, which automatically adjusts when lenses shrink, preventing any direct view of the LED die.

Easy Maintenance

If you need to service the fixture, the LED board is held in place with magnets, so no tools are necessary when removing or replacing.

Design Flexibility

Its polished, modern look and easy-to-install process drives your design scenario seamlessly. Zigzag your ceilings with an imaginative pattern. Run fixtures between slats. Deliver smooth, comfortable indirect lighting in any space and application.

Linea 1.5" Patterns

Direct/Indirect Pendant 

Indirect Pendant 

Wall Wash

Direct/Indirect w/Accents

Direct Pendant 

Direct/Indirect Pendant 

Indirect Pendant 

Direct/Indirect w/Accents

With Quick-Line’s simple “link it, latch it, cap it” installation, lighting is something you can quickly cross off your checklist and move on.


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