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Dazzling, versatile LED linear lighting — as if you drew it with a pen.

Close your eyes, grab some paper, start drawing your next dynamic, head-turning ceiling.
What designs are you forming?
Smooth, straight runs? Silky, rounded corners? Sleek radius circles? Criss-crossed lines? Curvaceous serpentines?
With Curvano, the shapes are infinite, limited by only your imagination.
Let your lighting flow with the grace and bends of a scenic river—around the corner, along the wall, up and down and all around—with Amerlux’s latest curved LED creative lighting solution.
No special orders.
Explore Curvano’s limitless, well-rounded options for all retail, commercial and hospitality applications today.

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Start designing — and turning heads — in a snap!

Let Your Vision Flow

Amerlux, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Electronics, has been a catalyst for change in the lighting industry since 1984—simply by listening to the marketplace.

We don’t keep up with industry trends. We set them.

We believe lighting is as much about “feeling” as it is about “seeing.” Our solutions deliver the five elements that exceed today’s expectations: rich color, next-level comfort, total control, easy configurability and “capture” to provide added security.

Our clients’ business is our business, their reputation, our reputation, and their bright future, our own.

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If you draw it, we’ll build it. Only your imagination limits you.

Let your creativity flow. Take us with you.

Cast your clients — and yourself — in the best light with Curvano.

Check out those curves.

Amerlux’s latest LED linear product puts the “arch” in first-class architectural lighting with five curved diameter corner options of varying angle options and three circular selections—all in standard and custom request orders.

Available in recessed and pendant mount, Curvano offers a 2.5" aperture and superior color-rendering capabilities up to 5000K—all of which provides the autonomy to add stunning dimension and flexible, comfortable illumination to any interior architectural design.

Equipped with magnetic LED reflector trays within its curved sections, maintenance is as easy as creating refreshing new patterns.




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