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Improve Occupant Experience with our Building Automation System

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Yield greater productivity and energy efficiency. Provide superior comfort and savings. Integrate seamlessly with leading technology providers.
Maximize—and streamline—your facility management with scalable building automation systems and connectivity solutions from Delta Electronics’ family of companies.
Design a building that makes everything inside and outside look good and feel good by sensing, responding and adapting to the people inside.
Get the smartest controls for the most intelligent buildings.

Unlock your facility’s full financial potential with intelligent, data-driven building automation controls

Discover our turnkey smart building portfolio offerings 

Our family of companies have come together to develop a complete building automation solution that keeps building owners and their occupants front of mind.

Our Internet of Things (IoT) suite of advanced, scalable solutions creates healthier, safer, more efficient and productive indoor environments—regardless of your building type—on a single, scalable platform.

Provide personalized experiences. Discover energy inefficiencies. Predict failures. Increase and future-proof the value of your structure. Plan the use of every space.

Make your building talk to you.

Manage like a virtual superintendent, in real-time, 24/7, from anywhere—with Delta.

Amerlux’s suite of intelligent LED lighting solutions illuminates Delta’s portfolio of IoT-enabled solutions for automated, sustainable buildings and cities.

Our lighting solutions integrate seamlessly with our Delta partners to create an experience that yields greater productivity and comfort on top of bottom-line savings.

LOYTEC offers a wide range of products for applications in building automation that rely exclusively on open and standardized communication protocols.

Enlightening two-way, wireless digital communication
Let your individual LED drivers and ballasts “talk” to the user. Then allow the user to “talk” back—without running additional wire—with LOYTEC’s L‑DALI controllers.

Computer equipped with software or building management systems, L‑DALI controllers are multifunctional devices that combine constant light control, window-blind control and gateway functions between DALI and BACnet or Modbus systems.

Clear up your ceiling acne with a modernized, optimized look

Enhance the system functionality and aesthetics of your ceiling with our customizable MESA trough housing units.

Clean and contemporary, MESA modules are tailored to beautifully integrate the mechanical, electrical, security and audio components you need.

Beautiful and sensible, MESA is easily serviced from below the ceiling and provides the unified, streamlined management system capabilities you need to connect and automate your building.

Create fresh vocabulary—and dynamic lighting compositions—in any space

Etch 2'x 2'—the result of Amerlux’s collaboration with Gensler, serving as a product design consultant—features an ambient regressed LED edge-lit panel that delivers light evenly and efficiently.

The optional opaque element with or without accent/task lights gives a 3D appearance that brings depth, dimension, perspective and visual interest—plus the capability to gorgeously integrate any mechanical, electrical, security and audio component you need.

Delta Controls has developed a complete range of native BACnet products—HVAC, lighting control and access.

The combined use of Delta Controls’ gateways, fully programmable controllers and intuitive building operations software, makes buildings easier to manage and more energy efficient.

Think, sense, speak—with Delta Controls’ 03 Sensor Hub Delta Controls’ 03 Sensor Hub detects motion, sound, light and temperature with unsurpassed accuracy, providing building automation systems with complete, centralized input to make economic decisions in real time.

Delta Controls’ 03 Integrated Room Control system combines HVAC, access control and lighting control in a modular system. By merging multiple protocols as well as inputs and output into one unit, the system improves room control, avoids duplicate devices and lowers energy costs.

VIVOTEK, a leading brand of video security solutions, utilizes innovation to provide a comprehensive set of solutions including network cameras, video servers and recorders, PoE solutions and video management software.

Through the growing proliferation of IoT, VIVOTEK aspires to become the Eye in IoT by drawing on its expansive technological capabilities in image and audio.

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Maximize occupant satisfaction and staff productivity.

Leverage predictive energy management technology and advanced controls to monitor temperatures, humidity, flow rate and performance—simultaneously limiting energy consumption in unoccupied building zones, detecting and diagnosing liabilities and reducing HVAC usage, particularly during peak energy demand.


Welcome to the Delta Group


Keep an eye on your critical assets.

Install security systems, including alarms, cameras and sensor lighting, as well as automated people-counting technology, to protect your tenants, visitors and contents from all possible threats.


Shed light on unnecessarily excessive costs.

Utilize advanced lighting controls such as sensors, presets, DALI, PoE and Bluetooth to incorporate everything from daylighting and advanced occupancy dimming functions to continuous antimicrobial sanitation to eliminate over-lit spaces and infectious microorganisms during vacancy periods peak energy demand.


Future proof your building with actionable data.

Deploy sophisticated analytics algorithms to collect, scan and filter data that will uncover critical patterns, trends and problems—resolving issues before they even occur—to manage operations, achieve energy goals and expand the life of every system throughout the building, today and tomorrow.

  • Communicates with occupants via RGB light ring and integrated speaker.

  • Saves time with easy-to-install mounting plate.

  • Detects occupancy using sound and motion.

  • Measures surface temperatures precisely with IR sensors.

  • Combines temperature, humidity, light and motion in a single package.

Control, Monitor, Maintain—In the Best Light

Highly secure, reliable and flexible, the SmartSite family of connected luminaires pairs striking post-top design with a robust, bidirectional, area-wide, wireless mesh network, connecting the system’s microprocessors to a Cloud-based or on-site network.

There, everything—your infrastructure’s look and feel, lighting, audio, security, video, advertising, entertainment, energy use—is in your control, remotely, in real-time, 24/7.

No cable installation, underground trenching or wire maintenance needed. It’s ideal for new construction or retrofit installations.

Securely extend automated control and comfort to every corner and system of your building—HVAC, security, lighting, analytics—with Delta Electronics’ growing portfolio of secure, scalable, turnkey building automation solutions (BAS).

Make your building smarter

Smarter is safer with AI-driven video analytics and people-counting 3D cameras

VIVOTEK’s intelligent 3D people-counting camera, armed with VIVOTEK’s 3D Depth Technology and video security functionality, provides real-time tracking video and high accuracy counting, ensuring:
•    Local capacity compliance
•    A safer environment
•    An optimized business environment
•    Reduced staff expenses

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To meet—then exceed—the requirements for achieving sought-after building certifications including LEED, Energy Star and WELL, buildings stakeholders must deliver the perfect building—healthy, safe, productive, sustainable and personalize.

Experience the True Assets of Smart Facility Management

Our energy-efficient BAS leverages innovative technologies to automatically reduce your environmental footprint and improve your occupancy experience with a customized, easy to use, app-based experience.

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Future proof your building with actionable data.

Deploy sophisticated analytics algorithms to collect, scan and filter data that will uncover critical patterns, trends and problems—resolving issues before they even occur—to manage operations, achieve energy goals and expand the life of every system throughout the building, today and tomorrow.

Winner of the AHR Expo Innovation Award in Building Automation, Delta’s O3 Sensor Hub replaces the traditional thermostat and legacy light switch with an all-encompassing hub that produces a more comfortable space for occupants and provides easy accessibility and management for building owners.

Modern and sleek, the O3 provides simple installation and user-friendly flexibility for all conversion and renovation projects. Ceiling-mounted, the O3 connects to your phone and uses sensor fusion technology to detect motion, light, sound, temperature, security and occupancy with new levels of accuracy.

Automatically adjust ventilation and lighting output based on occupancy. Reduce energy costs. Create a touchless environment.

Replace multiple room sensors with a one-per-room cost-competitive solution.

Provide your building with the data it needs to make instant economic and occupant-friendly decisions.

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Introducing the Award-Winning O3 Sensor Hub