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Amerlux is an LED manufacturer that provides creative, cost-effective solutions for customers of all shapes and sizes — including commercial, municipal, hospitality, utility, university, retail, and supermarket businesses. Discover how our product lines can be tailored to your needs and get a free consultation.

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About Amerlux

We’ve grown to become one of the largest independently owned lighting companies in the world by focusing on performance, flexibility, energy efficiency, longevity, easy maintenance, and sustainability. 

We consistently deliver in a fraction of the time of our competitors and strive to make certain that every order is accurate, every product performs flawlessly, and every customer receives accurate information and knowledgeable support throughout the entire process. Overall, we pride ourselves on helping our customers succeed. As an independent company, we're ideally positioned to do just that.


Enhance productivity in your workplace environment with commercial LED lighting that reflects today's aesthetics via pleasing, streamlined, energy-efficient product lines.

Delight your customers with sophisticated, relaxing, tailored hospitality lighting that creates simply unforgettable customer experiences.


Drive sales on retail floors and in showrooms with dramatic, focused, color-perfect lighting that helps motivate customers like never before.



Make shoppers hungry for more — we wrote the book on supermarket lighting solutions with creative choices for every corner of your store, from profit centers to the aisles and grocery.


Change the way you see the outdoors, from aesthetic landscape lighting to brilliant floodlights, to architectural post-tops, integrating light and security on a whole new level.


The right lighting reinvents the concept of "town." Amerlux has transformed municipal lighting by enhancing efficiency, performance, aesthetics, safety, and cost savings across the country.


Provide a pleasant environment for your students and secure your campus with premier interior and exterior lighting solutions for educational institutions. 


Utilities prefer Amerlux because we truly understand the value of energy efficiency, sustainability, cost savings, and ease of maintenance. We work hand in hand with utilities every day to benefit all energy-focused stakeholders.

Industry Solutions

Featured Products

Avista® Pedestrian Street Lighting

Avista mimics a traditional New England-style globe or “acorn,” using LEDs to tastefully match or retrofit lighting styles prevalent in the northeastern U.S. on campuses at universities, corporations, private communities and municipalities. Avista is available in new fixtures provided by Amerlux and as retrofit of old light sources for many decorative fixtures in the marketplace.

SPEQ® Track Lighting

SPEQ is a high-end LED track lighting solution that delivers premium lighting that dramatically reduces energy consumption without sacrificing quality or performance. SPEQ is designed for indoor applications, such as retail, galleries and commercial.

GRUV® Linear Lighting

Grüv 1.5" LED family is an indoor recessed linear lighting solution for commercial and retail applications. Grüv features the industry’s most intelligent and advanced lighting sensors controls, which is supported by a state-of-the-art analytics platform.

Passo® Step Lighting

Passo step lights provide landscape and hardscape architects, lighting designers and facility managers with an aesthetic detail that adds beauty while providing safety and security features indoors and outdoors. The luminaire is typically used for steps, staircases and in walls to light walkways and add aesthetics to building facades.

Chaperone® Garage Lighting

Chaperone lights create a more inviting environment that makes commercial garages feel safer and more secure. The product uses an upward facing LED board and reflector to cast light softly toward the ground, while sending a small amount of light upward to light the ceiling to eliminate the cave effect of many garage lighting systems. 

Linea® 1.5" Mini Indirect

The Linea 1.5” Mini Indirect is a linear LED fixture that was designed for indoor commercial space applications where ambient lighting is desired, such as private offices, conference
centers, classrooms and corridors. Linea combines aesthetics, performance, and energy efficiency.