If beauty and performance were soul mates, it would be Aerus®.

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Get the ultimate in ergonomics and wellness


Aerus® is designed to be used for commercial spaces, offices or anywhere low ceiling applications are needed -- mounting only 12" below ceiling vs. industry standard of 18" to 24".  

Exceed the WELL Building Standard’s UGR requirements with Amerlux’s flagship, super-thin indirect/direct linear fixture.

Aerus® is the ultimate in ergonomics and wellness, using patent-protected anidolic optics to deliver a wide soothing illumination that meets IES recommendations and virtually eliminates glare with a UGR rating of 14 or less.

Use fewer fixtures. Eliminate power cords. Mount just 12" below the ceiling.

Cast workers under their most productive, award-winning light.

Designed to enhance the workplace, Aerus® creates a work environment that promotes productivity, delivering comfort with glare-free lighting. The solution’s high-tech appearance and design produce indirect lighting without sacrificing performance. Aerus® leverages low-voltage, aircraft cable that supplies power to the fixture without a visual power feed. The thin-profile fixture mounts 12” below the ceiling compared to the industry standard of 18” to 24”.  Aerus® eliminates “hot spots” on the ceiling and yields wider spacing that delivers the IES standard for office lighting with minimal fixtures.

Office lighting made for productivity—without the squint.

  • Fantastic spacing options with no hot spots.

  • Low-voltage aircraft cable eliminates the need for a visual power feed.

  • Anidolic optic delivers even distribution.

  • IES recommended light levels with minimal fixtures.

  • Meets DLC Premium standards.

How is it different?

Aerus® delivers the ultimate in comfort and aesthetic design by providing low-glare lighting that offers even distribution with the fewest fixtures.

Create an environment that enhances comfort and control.

Elevate your space with Aerus®, offering unparalleled lighting comfort, glare reduction and exceptional performance that meets IES and DLC Premium standards.

Design well.
            Light well.
                      Feel well.


Design well.
Light well.
Feel well.

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