If you can dream it, we can bring it to light.

At Amerlux, we don’t just see lights. We see your visions and make them a reality. No matter what your space, style, budget or timeframe, our full line of LED lighting solutions provides high color rendering and full spectrum LED chips to ensure that every color, gradation and nuance of your design is seen as it was intended.

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About Amerlux

We’ve grown to become one of the largest independently owned lighting companies in the world by focusing on performance, flexibility, energy efficiency, longevity, easy maintenance, and sustainability. 

We consistently deliver in a fraction of the time of our competitors and strive to make certain that every order is accurate, every product performs flawlessly, and every customer receives accurate information and knowledgeable support throughout the entire process. Overall, we pride ourselves on helping our customers succeed. As an independent company, we're ideally positioned to do just that.


Enhance any workplace environment with commercial LED lighting that reflects today’s aesthetics using pleasing, streamlined, energy-efficient product lines that boost mood and productivity.

Deliver sophisticated, relaxing and tailored lighting designs that create a simply unforgettable atmosphere—and experience.


Motivate your clients and their customers like never before with dramatic, focused, color-perfect lighting designed for retail floors and showrooms.



Show fresh food’s true colors by providing your clients with creative lighting designs and selections for every corner of their grocery stores.


Show clients you can think outside their four walls with outdoor lighting that beautifies their landscapes, accentuates their architecture and secures their entire property.


The right lighting reinvents the concept of "town." Amerlux has transformed municipal lighting by enhancing efficiency, performance, aesthetics, safety, and cost savings across the country.


Provide a pleasant environment for your students and secure your campus with premier interior and exterior lighting solutions for educational institutions.


Utilities prefer Amerlux because we truly understand the value of energy efficiency, sustainability, cost savings, and ease of maintenance. We work hand in hand with utilities every day to benefit all energy-focused stakeholders.

Industry Solutions

Featured Products


The Hornet family of LED downlights provides options for every design, including square and round trim, various beam spreads, adjustable accents and a Dim-To-Warm feature. Downlight, Adjustable Accent, Pinhole and Lensed Shower trims make this line perfect to complete any design scheme. It is designed for hotel, residential, retail and commercial applications.

SPEQ® Track Lighting

SPEQ is a modern-styled and high-end LED track lighting solution that delivers premium lighting to dramatically reduce energy consumption without sacrificing quality or performance. Its minimal appearance allows the art and design of any room to steal the limelight. SPEQ is designed for indoor applications, such as retail, museums, galleries and commercial applications.

GRUV® Linear Lighting

Grüv is an indoor recessed linear lighting solution that features award-winning technology, including the industry’s most intelligent and advanced lighting sensor controls that are supported by a state-of-the-art analytics platform. This line maintains clean lines, discreet styling, outstanding color quality—and provides unique installations that go everywhere your design requires.


The Essenza Family of Lights include the Essenza Track Head, which provides accent and display lighting, and it's the Essenza Downlight, a simple, yet elegant lighting system that comes in a variety of shapes, beam spreads and accents. Both are designed to deliver affordable pricing, good color quality and trims and finishes to complement any design. This family is perfect for hospitality, urban apartments, retail, supermarket, commercial applications and more.

Quick-Line Linear Lighting

Quick-Line is game-changing linear LED lighting that allows installation of beautiful architectural-style pendants quickly and easily—elevating the design of any room. It delivers beautiful ambient lighting for offices, conference centers, classrooms, retail spaces, corridors and more.

Linea® Linear Lighting

The Linea product family was designed for spaces where ambient lighting is desired. It combines aesthetics, performance, and energy efficiency and comes in direct, indirect and direct/indirect models. With its driver located in the ceiling above the luminaire, Linea provides an extremely sleek and clean aesthetic. It pairs well with Grüv® recessed lighting for unique and interesting designs. This line is designed for private offices, conference centers, classrooms and corridors.

Interior Designers

• A full line of interior lighting products
• Outstanding color quality
• Good beam and glare control
• Modern & minimalist lighting solutions
• Finishes and complements any design
• Solutions that run on walls and ceilings
• Favorite Products: SPEC®, Grüv, Linea, Hornet

• A full line of interior and exterior products
• Beautiful custom solutions
• Simple, off-the-shelf solutions
• High-end aesthetics
• Quick ship and delivery
• Favorite Products: Grüv, Linea, High Bay, 202, Passo, SPEC®, Quick-Line


• A full line of interior and exterior products
• Easy installation options
• Simple, out-of-the-box solutions
• Quick ship and delivery
• High-end aesthetics, value pricing
• Beautiful off-the-shelf solutions
• Favorite Products: Grüv, Linea, High Bay, 202, Passo, Essenza, Avista, Quick-Line